This Friday 9:15 AM, Ch 8 – Stan Dziurgot & Boston Braves


Casey Stan

Hi, SABR Friends.  Tune in Channel 8 WTNH this Friday, Feb. 22 at 9:15 AM and watch the local news segment called Destination Location, which is part of the Good Morning CT program.  The segment will feature how Casey Stengel and his Boston Braves held spring training in Wallingford, CT at the Choate School in 1943.  One of the experts interviewed for this program was our own Stan Dziurgot.  Congrats to Stan, who can now add on-air talent to his baseball resume.

In the January 2019 issue of the Wood Pile, Stan’s research on the 1943 Braves spring training was published.  WTNH was made aware of that article by a member of the Boston Braves Historical Society. That led to the development of the segment.

To my knowledge, this is the second time that a Wood Pile article has been noticed by the media.  Last year I received a call from the Farmer’s Almanac looking for an author recommendation after their editor read Paul Hensler’s feature on Claire Smith.  Turned out they were actually looking for help persuading Claire to write the article.  (Even so, it’s still nice to know there is an audience out there for TWP.)

I hope you will have time to tune in for the show, which will certainly be educational.

If you’d like to read Stan’s article from TWP, please click this link and scroll to page 9.

I’ll try to get a video link on our Facebook page after the broadcast.







Please save March 23 on your calendar for a general meeting of CT SABR.  Among the segments will be a panel discussion on the 1919 Black Sox scandal featuring Jacob Pomrenke, Jim Margalus and Bill Lamb.  Jacob is the chairman and newsletter editor for the Black Sox Scandal Research Committee.  Bill is the author of Black Sox in the Courtroom: The Grand Jury, Criminal Trial and Civil Litigation.   Jim is the managing editor of  We are truly fortunate to have these three experts traveling from New York, New Hampshire and Arizona to join us.


Additionally, Mark Kanter will speak about the 1919 Cincinnati Reds, a team seldom recognized for its excellence.

Author Erik Sherman is unable to attend.  We’re setting up an additional presenter and details are TBA.

There will be refreshments and a book sale.

The meeting will commence at 11:00 AM. Sat., March 23, 2019 at Chapman Hall, Room 605, Middlesex Community College, 100 Training Hill Rd., Middletown, CT 06457.  For more information contact Steve at


The event details can be found at and on Facebook.


Thank you so much!



Next Strat-O-Matic Event Feb. 16

strat pic


The next Strat-O-Matic Game Day gathering is coming up fast!

Attendees will “manage” baseball teams of the past against other long-gone teams in a well known board game named Strat-O-Matic. ‘Managers’ have the opportunity to lead, for example, the 1927 Yankees versus the 1967 Red Sox, or the 1948 Braves versus the 1955 Dodgers.

No experience required.  Newbies welcome.  Public welcome.  Anyone interested in participating need not own Strat-O-Matic and should contact Karl at

When:  10 am, Sat. Feb. 16

Where: Durham Library, 7 Maple Ave., Durham, CT

Please let me know what Q’s you have.
Thank you so much.

January Newsletter is out!



The January 2019 issue of The Wood Pile, newsletter of the Smoky Joe Wood CT chapter of S.A.B.R. is out.  Here’s the link…

sabr newsletter winter 2019 v3 20190103

This issue includes…

-Greeting, Hearts & Darts by Steve Krevisky

-A Californian’s tribute to George H.W. Bush by Michael Ego

-Deep base ball questions by Ezra Counts

-Five MLB ballparks in five days by Ray Sikora

-Bob Feller Act of Valor Awards by Doug Kern

-Wrap-ups for the Holiday Luncheon, General Meeting and Strat-O-Matic Game Day

-Current CT players in MLB by Stan Osowiecki

-1943: Braves train in Wallingford, CT by Stan Dziurgot

-Umpires and exotic dancers by Bill Ryczek

-CT vintage base ball 2019 by Mike Driemiller

-Frank Observations by M Frank

-The East-West Negro League All Star Games by Alan Cohen

-Cliff notes on last issue from Cliff Blau

Please send comments and Q’s to me at

Have a great day!


Just 11 Days ‘Till Holiday Luncheon!

Holiday Lunch Yogi Photo


The CT SABR Holiday Luncheon will take place on Saturday, December 22, from 12 to 3 p.m., at Portofino’s Italian Restaurant, 246 New Britain Road, Kensington, CT, 06037.

There will be a buffet lunch costing $30 per person. Family and friends are welcome.

Mark Kanter will speak about his 16 day trip to Japan, which included 8 days with tour operator, Japan Ball.  Mark observed local baseball fetishes and culture while traveling 15,000+ miles in all.  Among cities visited were Osaka, Yokohama, Hiroshima and Tokyo.  There are no less than 6 major league teams in the Tokyo Metro alone!

By experiencing baseball in Japan, the worldwide wandering Kanter has added to his list of diamond destinations which includes Cuba and Puerto Rico — not to mention the overseas SABR member connections Mark has made while in England and Australia.

Expect a good time, good fellowship, great food and an interesting program at this event!

To reserve your seat(s) please email Alan at as soon as possible.  Checks should be made out to CT SABR and mailed to Alan Cohen, 7 Longlane Rd., West Hartford, CT. 06117. Please mail your check when you make your reservation. For more info, please contact Stan at



New Date/Place Next Meeting – Nov 3


Sat., Nov. 3, 2018.  The next general meeting of CT SABR has a new time and place! The meeting will start at 1 pm on Sat. Nov. 3 at Middlesex Community College. Steve Krevisky will talk about Wilbur Cooper, arguably the greatest pitcher in Pittsburgh Pirate history. Duke Goldman will present on the Negro League Owners Meetings. Bill Ryczek will present an original, retro radio broadcast of the game of the century: the 1870 Red Stockings vs. Atlantics. Alan Cohen will speak about Negro Barnstormers at Forbes Field. There will be a Book Sale and Refreshments. This 1 pm meeting will be in Room 605, Chapman Hall (lower level), Middlesex Community College, 100 Training Hill Rd., Middletown, CT. 06457. For more information contact a chapter leader:  Steve at, Alan at, Stan at, or Karl at

Press heralds book by CT SABR’s Pawlush



SABR member George Pawlush of Cheshire is having a good year.  So far in 2018, he has been appointed to lead SABR’s Minor League Research Committee and has fulfilled his dream of writing a book about the Colonial League.  Click this link to read a PDF of the Cheshire Herald’s story about George and his book.

(There are two links, story in two parts.)

Pawlush PDF 1

Pawlush PDF 2



PawSox and the AAA move to The Woo



Email received today from Joanne Hulbert, Boston Chapter….

This week, the Boston Globe announced the Pawsox would be moved to Worcester sometime around 2021 – and become known, perhaps as the “WooSox.” We’ll see about that nickname…. Although many of us will lament the move away from Pawtucket, others will celebrate the return of a team in Worcester. The plans for the new baseball park have been revealed, and both the plans of the park and its setting certainly look quite nice. With Janet Marie Smith involved, the park is likely to be winner.

Worcester certainly has a long history when it comes to baseball, going back to before the Civil War, having spent a few years as home to a National League team – the Brown Stockings, as well as many minor league teams from which great stories have been told. And, “Casey at the Bat” was written by Worcester resident, Ernest Thayer. This is just a small bit of Worcester’s contributions to baseball history. And now, here comes baseball back to Worcester.

For a long time, we have been very lucky to have Pawtucket as a location for the RI Chapter meetings. I certainly hope members will consider traveling up Rte 146 in the future.

We hope when Worcester is up and running that we can develop a similar relationship with the new location. Many years ago, the Jesse Burkett Chapter of Worcester was a thriving organization that has since faded away. Let’s see if we can re-visit the Worcester Chapter, get it up and running again, and be ready when the WooSox take to the field, and we can continue the legacy so well supported by the RI Chapter.

Anyone interested in re-starting the Worcester Chapter? Please give it some serious thought, be brave and step up to the plate! Just a half dozen persons can get a SABR chapter organized and there is lots of help to call upon for advice- from the chapters in Boston, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Springfield as well from SABR HQ.

Joanne Hulbert
SABR Boston Chapter.