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A-Rod’s onerous contract, Barry Bond’s coaching job and people skills, the New Britain Bees, Bristol Blues and Hartford Yard Goats, Sandlock book sales and the VIP screening of Ken Burns’ Jackie Robinson film.

Those themes were among those discussed at today’s chapter breakfast at the Hamden Town House.

Steve K. got a widely affirmative reaction for attending a Yankee home game as a group.  It was agreed that a weekend day game would be the best choice.  Steve said he would email to all a survey to determine price, seating and schedule preferences.   Until then you can review the attachments to this post to study the Yankee group ticket discount schedule, the ticket price by section discount level, and the upscale hospitality options.

Also Of Note:

Larry Levine has interest in attending the Jazz and Jackie/ Ken Burns Film event on April 8.  Let Larry know if you are going.

Karl, Gary and Alan plan to enjoy a round of golf sooner than later.  Let one of them know if you would like to join in as well.

On May 9 at the Prospect Library, Erik Sherman, author of Mookie: Life, Baseball & The ’86 Mets will appear.

On June 18 at 10 AM, there will be a chapter screening of HANO! A Century In The Bleachers at Middlesex Community College.

NEXT UP:  A Chapter Breakfast in May.  Details to come.

Among those attending were Larry Howard, Tom Monitto, Larry Levine, Bill Ryczek, Stan Dziurgot, Steve Krevisky, Gary Gold, Larry Levine, Marjorie Adams, Alan Cohen and Karl Cicitto.

Happy Holidays!



NYY 2016 Group Discount Schedule Game-by-Game

NYY 2016 Group Pricing Breakdown with Map pdf (1)

NYY 2016 New York Yankees Hospitality (1)

Chapter News & Notes


Good morning, SABR Friends.  Here's the latest in Chapter news and notes.  Please read and Mark your 
6 contributors to the Sandlock book will present the tome to Mike on March 19 at 
Innis Ardens.  Due to club restrictions, this gathering can't be opened up to 
all members I regret to say.  If Mike is up to it, He will sign copies of the 
book and adhesive book plates for our chapter members. 
We have sold 26 copies directly as a chapter at $10 each.  Each book costs us 
$9.15 to publish so it's important to try to sell all 100 copies initially 
18 copies have sold so far on Amazon. (Print on Demand.) The chapter makes $5 on 
each book.  I send a royalty report to Steve, Stan and Alan weekly. 
Purchasing a book directly from the chapter is $6 cheaper than buying on Amazon. 
If you would like to buy a book please email me and I will send you the details. 
Our next breakfast will be at 10 AM on March 26 at the Hamden Town House.   Join 
in for good fellowship and lively baseball conversation.  Beyond this specific 
breakfast, we want to  identify potential alternate breakfast sites because 
attendance at the breakfasts exceeds how much space the Town House can offer.  
Please email me with suggestions about a different breakfast site if you have 
one.  We  want to stay centrally located and have a back or side room and an 
affordable menu. 
The news budget for the summer edition of TWP tentatively includes trivia, book 
news, a book review, a piece on Mickey Mantle's 1956  TC/MVP season, the HOF 
case for  Harlond Clift, a conversation with Bill MacLeod, Dinner with Jim 
Bouton and other features.  More is needed.  Please let me know what you may be 
interested in contributing to TWP.  All submissions are needed by July 1. 
There will be a chapter screening of HANO! A Century In The Bleachers at 10 AM 
at Middlesex Community College in Middletown.   The screening will be followed 
by a Q&A with the filmmaker, Jon Leonoudakis.  Coffee, Decaf, water and 
munchkins will be available. 
You can purchase a DVD of the film for $20 plus shipping at  A 
limited autographed bundle is available, too, and it includes the film DVD and a 
copy of the book, A Day In The Bleachers, signed by Arnold Hano.  The bundle is 
$50.  If you are interested in the bundle please email me at  
I'll set up a group shipment to minimize shipping expenses for all. 
Have a wonderful week and GO HUSKIES!