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Dingers to Singers: we’ve got it going on this Saturday.

Spec Shea

 Alan Cohen is back with an update on minor/major league home runs AND Matt Monitto will offer baseball-related vocals with Steve K on strings, but that just scratches the surface.  Here is Steve’s email detailing the line-up for Saturday.

Hi all! We are on to have our Smoky Joe Wood Chapter spring training meeting at

our usual place down at Quinnipiac University on Sat, Feb. 21, from 12:30-5 PM.

We will be in the College of Liberal Arts, building #1, downstairs.

This follows on a very successful SABR day meeting at Middlesex CC, featuring

the media panel. Karl Cicitto did yeoman’s work in setting it up, assisted by

Alan Cohen, Stan Dziurgot, Tom Monitto, and myself.

Here is the suggested batting order (subject to last minute change) for

Saturday’s event:

  1. Welcome and greetings, Steve Krevisky, 5 minutes
  2. Frank Shea on his Dad, Spec Shea, 45 minutes
  3. Alan Cohen on major league/minor league ballpark home runs, 30 minutes
  4. Patrick O’Sullivan on the 2015 Rock Cats, 30 minutes
  5. Rich Fabbri on a WS pitching model, 30 minutes
  6. Matt Monitto and Steve K – music for 7th inning stretch, 15 minutes
  7. Ken Paulsen’s trivia contest (done by Steve K if Ken is not available), 20 minutes
  8. Tom Chiappetta on plans for a vintage BB field, 20 minutes
  9. The Happy Recap/Adjournment

See you all on Saturday, weather permitting!


Steve K


Sat. Media Panel Looks to Be Special

SABR Panel Rev

The Media Panel for our rescheduled SABR Day Event is this Sat., Feb. 7.  It promises to be a very special event.

The panel will include David Kull, Sr. Deputy Editor at ESPN Digital Media; Bob Wirz, former chief spokesperson for Baseball Commissioners Bowie Kuhn and Peter Ueberroth; David Borges, Baseball writer for the New Haven Register;  David Heuschkel, Turley Sports Editor & former Red Sox beat writer, and WTIC Radio legend Scott Gray, who will be our Moderator.

This event will include a book sale that commences at 1:30, 30 minutes before the event begins.


2 PM  (book sale 1:30)

Sat, Feb. 7

Room 808, Chapman Hall,

Middlesex Community College

100 Training Hill Rd.

Middletown, CT.  06457.


-Wirz and Borges are Hall of Fame voters.

-Wirz was for six years the publicity and public relations director for the Kansas City Royals after years in newspaper, radio and television.

-Heuschkel covered the 2004 World Series & 3 other Fall Classics, including the 2000 Subway Series.

-Kull manages some of the nation’s best —  Jayson Stark, Buster Olney, Tim Kurkjian and Jerry Crasnick, to name a few. He has covered 10 World Series and nine All-Star Games.

-Borges finished his first season on the Red Sox beat in 2004, chronicling their first WS title in 86 years.  He cast his first HOF ballot in the recent voting that swept Pedro, Smoltz, RJ and Biggio into Cooperstown.

-Scott Gray was a fixture at WTIC AM since 1981 when he joined Bob Steele and Arnold Dean at New England’s far reaching AM powerhouse.  Gray wrote and delivered over 3,500 morning sports commentaries.  His varied experience includes the broadcasting of UConn Womens Basketball including their flip-the-script defeat of Pat Summit’s Tennessee Vols in 1995.


From: Paul Moehringer []
To: Steve Krevisky, et al
Subject: Requesting Help With Project

Hello all.

For the past eight years I have been working very hard on a method to rank every player in Major League History, not that dissimilar to Baseball-Reference’s ELO rater and since July these efforts have increased drastically. Only difference is mine is done in a very mathematical fashion as opposed to general opinion.

I am also taking things a step further in breaking players down by position, offense, defense and like this league team performance. Every player with at least 50 plate appearances, or 25 innings pitched in a season at the major league level going back to 1871 is accounted for. The process of doing this has nearly monopolized my time for the past six months.

But now that the data is acquired and sorted the way I want, I realize I need help in order to continue with my project, or to be more specific more computing power.

Depending on what I am looking at it can take anywhere from several hours to several days to “rank” a player. If I am simply ranking a second baseman it will take me several hours. More complicated things like pitchers and hitters can take several days.

If I only had to do this process once for each position I would not be writing this e-mail. However once a player has been ranked he must then be removed from the player pool and the process repeated for the next guy to be properly evaluated. I realized this was the case after ranking Dick Radatz as the fifth greatest relief pitcher in history. Removing the pitcher I had ranked first (Mariano Rivera) and running the program again, dropped Radatz down to 18th. Still a bit high but far more indicative of his talents then having him ahead of players such as Dan Quisenberry or Trevor Hoffman.

This is where your help is appreciated. The good news is as daunting and time consuming as this may seem, the way I have designed it doesn’t any more time or effort then pressing a button once in order to run it. The computer will do all the heavy lifting required.

If its something you may be interested in helping me with please e-mail me and I will go you more information on what you need to do.

I hope to start a blog about this on baseball prospectus in the coming weeks for those interested and credit will be given for anyone that helps with this.

Please note THIS IS NOT A PART OF GAFL. This is simply a personal request on my part seeking help with this and I will not be soliciting any more help though the league beyond this e-mail. If anyone knows someone outside of the league that might be interested in this, I will gladly get in touch with them as well.

Thank you.


Paul Moehringer