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Red Sox Jackie Bradley, Jr. and Xander Bogaerts respectively have 27 and 16 game hitting streaks heading into tonight’s game against the Rockies and Jorge De La Rosa.  They will both have to break the 20 game barrier to enter elite territory for teammates.

If you didn’t see it on SABR-L last night, Trent McCorter identified 14 concurrent hitting streaks of at least 20 games by teammates dating back to Bill Dahlen and Jimmy Ryan of the 1894 Chicago Colts.  Here is Trent’s email….

From:    Trent McCotter <treant985@GMAIL.COM>

Subject: Concurrent hitting streaks


Cliff Otto asked about the fact that the Red Sox have two players with

active long hitting streaks (Bogaerts up to 16 in a row, Bradley up to 27

in a row).


Here are the games of which I’m aware where a team had two players who each

reached or extended hitting streaks of 20+ games:


Bill Dahlen & Jimmy Ryan, CHI NL, 7/18/1894 (Ryan’s 20th, Dahlen’s 26th)

Hugh Duffy & Jimmy Bannon, BOS NL, 8/23-8/25/1894 (Bannon’s 20th-23rd,

Duffy’s 23rd-26th)

George Decker & Bill Everitt, CHI NL, 7/27/1896 (Everitt’s 20th, Decker’s


Patsy Donovan & Denny Lyons, PIT NL, 8/25-8/26/1896 (Lyon’s 20th-21st,

Donovan’s 23rd-24th)

Carson Bigbee & Charlie Grimm, PIT NL, 7/8/1921 (Grimm’s 20th, Bigbee’s


Ken Williams & George Sisler, STL AL, 8/22-8/24/1922 (Sisler’s 20th-22nd,

Williams’s 26th-28th)

Paul Waner & Clyde Barnhart, PIT NL, 6/19-6/20/1927 (Barnhart’s 20th-21st,

Waner’s 22nd-23rd)

Bing Miller & Mule Haas, PHI AL, 6/25/1929(G2) (Haas’s 20th, Miller’s 26th)

Hal Trosky & Roy Weatherly, CLE AL, 7/28/1936 (Weatherly’s 20th, Trosky’s


Hal Trosky & Odell Hale, CLE AL, 7/29(G2)-7/30/1936 (Hale’s 20th-21st,

Trosky’s 24th-25th)

Mel Almada & George McQuinn, STL AL, 8/11(G1)-8/11/1938 (G2) (McQuinn’s

20th-21st, Almada’s 28th-29th)

Joe Gordon & Buddy Hassett, NYY AL, 6/8/1942 (Hassett’s 20th, Gordon’s 25th)

Al Oliver & Richie Zisk, PIT NL, 8/28/1974 (Zisk’s 20th, Oliver’s 21st)

Mickey Rivers & Al Oliver, TEX AL, 9/8-9/9/1980 (Oliver’s 20th-21st,

Rivers’s 23rd-24th)

Dan Uggla & Freddie Freeman, ATL NL, 8/6/2011 (Freeman’s 20th, Uggla’s 27th)


You’ll see that the Indians in 1936 came very close to having three players

with active 20+ game streaks at the very same time.


Trent McCotter




There will be a special screening of the acclaimed documentary HANO! A CENTURY IN THE BLEACHERS.  Please mark your calendar for June 18 at 10 AM.

HANO! Screening

Sat., June 18

10:00 AM

Chapman Hall

Middlesex Community College

100 Training hill Rd.

Middletown, CT 06457


Arnold Hano authored A DAY IN THE BLEACHERS in 1954, forever preserving the game in which Willie Mays made his immortal catch of Vic Wertz’s drive in the World Series.  Arnold  has spent the 62 years since then pursuing journalism and social justice.  He is truly an amazing person.

To get a sense of how interesting this documentary is click here to watch the trailer:

On the 18th, the Film maker, Jon Leonoudakis, will skype with us for a Q & A following the screening.

Coffee, Decaf, water and munchkins will be available.

If you would like to order your own DVD of HANO! for $20 plus shipping just go to

A limited autographed bundle is available.  It includes the HANO! DVD and a copy of the book, A Day In The Bleachers, signed by Arnold Hano.  The bundle is $50.  If you are interested in the bundle please email me at  I’ll set up a group shipment to minimize shipping expenses for all.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.


Pre-Loved BB Books for a Buck (or two)


Book Wallpaper

Alan has culled a number of good BB books from local book sales and added to the list of tomes available for purchase.  Most are $1.  You can email Alan at to reserve a book and arrange payment.  Payment can be made by mail or at a chapter function like the breakfast on May 14.  Or the screening of HANO! on June 18.  All funds go to the chapter treasury.  Here is the list:

SABR – CT Smoky Joe Wood Library
Author Title Price
Angell, Roger The Summer Game $1
Appel, Marty Pinstripe Empire $3
Asinof, Eliott Eight Men Out $1
Bouton, Jim Ball Four Plus Ball Five $2
Carter, Gary (w John Hough, Jr.) A Dream Season $1
Collins, Jim The Last Best League $1
Costas, Bob Fair Ball $1
Deford, frank The Entitled $1
Eig, Jonathan Luckiest Man $1
Einstein, Charles Fireside Book of Baseball – Volume 4 $2
Feller, Bob (w Bill Gilbery) Now Pitching Bob Feller $1
Fleder, Rob Sports Illustrated: Great baseball Writing $1
Ford, Whitey (w Phil Pepe) Few and Chosen $1
Ford, Whitey (w Phil Pepe) Slick $1
Garagiola, Joe Baseball is a Funny Game $1
Gewecke, Cliff Day by Day in Dodgers History $1
Gordon, Peter Diamonds are Forever $1
Halberstam, David Summer of ’49 $2
Halberstam, David October, ’64 $2
Harrelson, Bud (w Phil Pepe) Turning Two $1
Jackson, Reggie (w Mike Lupica) Reggie $1
Johnson, Davey (w Peter Golenbock) Bats $1
Kahn, Roger The Boys of Summer $2
Kahn, Roger Good Enough to Dream $1
Kearns-Goodwin, Doris Wait Till Next Year $1
Kiner, Ralph (w Joe Gergen) Kiner’s Korner $1
Luciano, Ron Remembrances of Swings Past $1
Madden, Bill Pride of October $1
McCarver, Tim (w Danny Peary) Baseball for Bran Surgeons and Other Fans $1
McCarver, Tim (w Tim Robinson) Oh, Baby, I Love It $1
Nemec, David 20th Century Baseball Chronicle $3
O’Nan and Stephen King Faithful $1
Ritter, Lawrence S. The Glory of Their Times $2
Shaughnessy, Dan Reversing the Curse $1
Smith, Ira L and H. Allen Smith Low and Inside $1
Stadler, Mike The Psychology of Baseball $1
Staudohar, Paul Baseball’s Best Short Stories $1
Thorn, John The Game for All America $1
Thorn, John Total Baseball $3
Underwood, John It’s only Me: The Ted Williams we Hardly Knew $1
Vincent, Fay The Last Commissioner $1
Ward, Geoffrey C. and Ken Burns Baseball $3
Wells, David (w Chrise Kreski) Perfect I’m Not $1
Will, George Men at Work $1
Zimmer, Don (w Bill Madden) Zim: A Baseball Life $1