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Warm Up in Cuba with the Spaceman


Here is Tom Simon’s email to the Vermont chapter about an upcoming Cuba Beisibol trip.  If you are interested contact Tom.  He asked me not to wait until the Nov. 15 deadline in getting this opportunity out.  Don’t wait.

Dear Gardner-Watermanites, 
How would you like to leave frigid Vermont in mid-January and join a group of 
fellow Vermonters, including a Boston Red Sox legend, on a one-week baseball 
tour of Cuba? 
Now is your chance! Thanks to the Vermont-based Cuban-American Friendship 
Society, Bill "Spaceman" Lee and I are leading such a tour on January 16-23. We 
plan to cover the western half of the island, seeing games in Havana 
(Industriales), Pinar del Rio, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad (Villa Clara and/or 
Sancti Spiritus). Along the way, our local guides will arrange meetings for us 
with famous Cuban ballplayers of the past. 
The cost of the tour is $2,975.00 per person, which includes all hotel charges 
(double occupancy), ground transportation, local drivers and guides, breakfast 
and lunch, and game tickets, but does NOT include airfare to Cuba. 
The group will be small (less than 20 people) and will fill up fast. If you are 
interested in joining us, please contact me before November 15 (when we will 
open the tour to non-Vermonters). I look forward to hearing from you. 
Tom Simon