Johhny Schoolboy Taylor

Johnny Taylor, greatest pitcher to hail from Connecticut, taught his daughters Maureen & Lynette many lessons.  Lynette read them at the Oct. 25 meeting at Quinnipiac.  Here is Lynette’s loving & prosaic tribute to her Dad..

“A Daughter Remembers Johnny “Schoolboy” Taylor

Johnny Taylor was a complex man who lived by simple principles…

-Love God

-Love your family

-Respect and honor the elderly

-ALWAYS tell the truth

-Be loyal to a fault

-Treasure your friends

-Earn an honest living, and live on less than you make

-Practice “pulling in your belt” during the lean times

-Always expect the best from others and challenge them to do even better

-Be courageous enough to challenge injustice

-Buy American to keep our country strong

-Learn a second language, even if just to greet someone

-Appreciate the contributions of other cultures

-Look out into space and wonder

-Let your kids see you reading and take them to the library weekly

-Listen to the birds and learn their language

-Nurture animals and even attempt CPR on a pet hamster

-The human touch is healing

-Discipline your children because you love them

-Walking is good for the mind, body and spirit

-Learn basic piano chords & serenade others with songs like “You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You”.

-Be on time!

-Advocate for and support the underdog

-Don’t forget to PLAY…golf, bowling, fishing…

-Be a faithful steward while on planet Earth

-Teach your children to push a hand mower, use pruning shears and a snow shovel

-Allow your children to paint their own room

-No matter how hard you party the night before, NEVER miss a day’s work and give your best

-Wash off the day’s dirt and dust before hugging and kissing your loved ones

-Be a gentleman

-Give your children endearing yet zany nicknames

-Always go first class or don’t go at all

-Take long, leisurely drives in the country…just because…and let serendipity lead the way

(even more memorable with a staticky baseball game on the car radio.)

-Chug hot peppers to ward off stomach trouble, and master one signature dish (eggs Diablo)

-Be nostalgic, romantic and pragmatic

-Marry the prettiest and smartest girl you can find and put/keep her on a pedestal

-Marry for life

-Engage in mind-expanding debate

-Understand and appreciate your grandchildren and give them nicknames too!

In appreciation for his life,

Lynette Taylor Grande”

© Lynette Taylor Grande 2014


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