Dingers to Singers: we’ve got it going on this Saturday.

Spec Shea

 Alan Cohen is back with an update on minor/major league home runs AND Matt Monitto will offer baseball-related vocals with Steve K on strings, but that just scratches the surface.  Here is Steve’s email detailing the line-up for Saturday.

Hi all! We are on to have our Smoky Joe Wood Chapter spring training meeting at

our usual place down at Quinnipiac University on Sat, Feb. 21, from 12:30-5 PM.

We will be in the College of Liberal Arts, building #1, downstairs.

This follows on a very successful SABR day meeting at Middlesex CC, featuring

the media panel. Karl Cicitto did yeoman’s work in setting it up, assisted by

Alan Cohen, Stan Dziurgot, Tom Monitto, and myself.

Here is the suggested batting order (subject to last minute change) for

Saturday’s event:

  1. Welcome and greetings, Steve Krevisky, 5 minutes
  2. Frank Shea on his Dad, Spec Shea, 45 minutes
  3. Alan Cohen on major league/minor league ballpark home runs, 30 minutes
  4. Patrick O’Sullivan on the 2015 Rock Cats, 30 minutes
  5. Rich Fabbri on a WS pitching model, 30 minutes
  6. Matt Monitto and Steve K – music for 7th inning stretch, 15 minutes
  7. Ken Paulsen’s trivia contest (done by Steve K if Ken is not available), 20 minutes
  8. Tom Chiappetta on plans for a vintage BB field, 20 minutes
  9. The Happy Recap/Adjournment

See you all on Saturday, weather permitting!


Steve K



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