Chapter Breakfast Report

SABR Breakfast 081515 009

A nice time was had at the Chapter breakfast this morning.  Alan Cohen had the new SABR book on Braves Field, which Hartford Senators devotee Norm Hausmann thought looked tip-top.  Alan also handed out passes for the New Britain Rock Cats for 2 select games.

Steve K reminded us that the next group outing to the Rock Cats will be on August 29.  That will be the final Saturday night home game for the team in New Britain so if you are attending get there early.   The parking could be filled by 6 p.m., possibly earlier.

Steve also reminded the group that October 17 is the date of the next general meeting at Quinnipiac.

The Mike Sandlock book project was discussed.  Peter Seidel, who has already drafted 3 game stories for the book, was in attendance.  Karl agreed to get a health update on Mr. Sandlock.  Alan clarified the progress on interviews with Sandlock’s team mates.  Deadline for all pieces in the book is Sept. 15.  It is not too late to write for this project; contact Karl if interested.

The next issue of The Wood Pile will come out in January and there was some discussion about writing subjects.  Larry Levine’s next book review could be about Norman Macht’s 3rd tome on Connie Mack – or not.  Tom Zocco is thinking about a piece to follow his write-up on Dick “The Monster” Radatz.

Naturally, there was talk about the Toronto-New York series happening this weekend.  With 9 more games left to play between these 2 teams, and the opportunity to build a lead in the division, interest is high.  There was some thought that history shows that older teams do not win championships and that could be a challenge for the Bombers, who it was said have a high average age.

The next breakfast is scheduled for Sat., Sept 12, which coincidentally is a-l-s-o during a weekend series between the Jays and Yanks.

Same place and time:  10 am at the Hamden Town House Restaurant, Hamden, CT.

Hope you can make it!



3 thoughts on “Chapter Breakfast Report

  1. Any chance that anyone would know if Dick Radatz was a Polish-American? I serve on the board of directors of the Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame and we are constantly looking for new candidates for induction. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Allan, thank you for writing. My Mom’s maiden name was Siecienski so I’ll proudly give this some extra effort. I’m going to reach out through a SABR group email tonight. This query will reach several thousand SABR members. I’ll ask about Dick Radatz. (I suspect he was Russian.) Someone will know the answer for certain. I’ll also ask for the greatest Polish Baseball Players in history, and, in any U.S. sport. I think you get a good response. If you will email me your contact info at I will follow up as soon as possible.



    1. Thank you Karl. You can e-mail me at or call me at 716-998-3734 if you have any other questions. Myself and Thomas Tarapacki, who is the sportswriter for two Buffalo, NY Polish-American papers- the Am-Pol Eagle and the Polish-American Journal, have been serving on the hall of fame board and our task is to find possible future nominees along with any other pro athlete who may have a Polish background.
      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also if you have any queries that we may be able to help you with, please contact us. Thanks again.

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