Rhode Island SABR Session To Include 8 Speakers



Len Levin shared details of the upcoming gathering of the Lajoie-Start Chapter.  If You would plan to attend, please RSVP to Len at LenLevin5@hotmail.com.  Here is Len’s note:




Eight presentations, including three by authors of new books, are slated for our

meeting on Saturday, November 26, at St. Philip’s Parish Center in Greenville,

R.I. The authors are Greg Rubano, whose book is “In Ty Cobb’s Shadow,” a

biography of Nap Lajoie; Herb Crehan, whose new book is “The Unsung Heroes of

the Impossible Dream 1967 Red Sox,” and Jim Kaplan, author of “Clearing the

Bases: A Veteran Sportswriter on the National Pastime.” All the books will be

available for sale.


The other presenters are Rick Harris, David Kaiser, Jay Hurd, Dixie Tourangeau,

and Steve Krevisky. If you want to put yourself down for a backup presentation,

let me know. These will be allowed if time is available. If they don’t make the

program, you’ll get top priority for a spot at our June meeting.


As always, we need an accurate count so the lunch people will know how much food

to prepare. So if you intend to be there, it’s imperative that you send me an



You should all have received the chapter newsletter via email. If you didn’t get

it, let me know and I’ll email you a copy. Also let me know if you want a paper



Again, don’t forget to RSVP.


Len Levin



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