The Breakfast Wrap

Babe Breakfast 021118

Thirteen people attended the Feb. 10 chapter breakfast in Cromwell.  In between bites and talk about how fabulous Norm Cash was in 1961, the following was heard:

TRAVEL IN TIME.  Bill Ryczek will soon perform a play-by-play broadcast of the June 14, 1870 game between the Red Stockings and Brooklyn Atlantics.  This legendary game saw the Red Stockings ride an 81 game win streak into the Capitoline Grounds for an extra inning nail biter against the Atlantics.  The actual game took place 51 years before the first ever BB game radio broadcast, so this re-creation is an exciting and possibly unprecedented way to relive history.  The performance will be given live at the 10th annual (F.I. Campbell) 19th Century BB Conference in April.  When a recording becomes available we’ll strive to make it accessible and to play it at one of our meetings.

YANKEE GAME TRIP.  The chapter is looking at dates for a Yankee game.  Although we’ve had a great time at Old Timer’s Day recently we are looking for a different game because there’s a conflict with Fathers Day.  If you have thoughts about a game date for a chapter trip let Steve know at

You can peruse the schedule at:

MARCH SPEAKERS, TENTATIVE.  Chapter leaders huddled for a gut check on who is speaking on March 17 at Q.U..   Subject to change, we have author Greg Rubano on Napoleon Lajoie, author George Pawlush on the Colonial League, performer Mickey Tangel in character as Lipman Pike, author and SABR honcho Bill Nowlin on Tom Yawkey, and a panel discussion honoring recently retired Courant Sports Editor Jeff Otterbein.  (The Wiffle Ball people unfortunately took a pass.)  And someone is having a birthday.    More to come.

TOM SAYS IT’S STRAT TIME.  Tom Monitto suggested we have a chapter Strat-O-Matic session soon and we are jumping on that.  We’ll try hold it before the MLB regular season opens on March 29.  Details to come soon.




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