SABR-L Daily Email Connects & Intrigues

One of the side benefits of being a SABR member is that you can sign up to receive an email everyday at about 6 pm that is a collection of that day’s announcements, discoveries and help requests from SABR members all over the USA (and beyond.).  The email is called SABR-L.

Where else could you go to read three short bursts about how fouling off pitches is a modern art that goes back to the day when foul balls did not count as strikes?  Or that  a group has formed to erect a statue of Louis Sockalexis in Maine?

You can access a copy of yesterday’s SABR-L by clicking this link: SABR L Email Sample

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Join SABR today!  Get SABR-L.  Get free books.  Contribute research.  Get published.  Hang out with BB obsessed people, just like you!

Just go to this url to join:




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