January Newsletter is out!



The January 2019 issue of The Wood Pile, newsletter of the Smoky Joe Wood CT chapter of S.A.B.R. is out.  Here’s the link…

sabr newsletter winter 2019 v3 20190103

This issue includes…

-Greeting, Hearts & Darts by Steve Krevisky

-A Californian’s tribute to George H.W. Bush by Michael Ego

-Deep base ball questions by Ezra Counts

-Five MLB ballparks in five days by Ray Sikora

-Bob Feller Act of Valor Awards by Doug Kern

-Wrap-ups for the Holiday Luncheon, General Meeting and Strat-O-Matic Game Day

-Current CT players in MLB by Stan Osowiecki

-1943: Braves train in Wallingford, CT by Stan Dziurgot

-Umpires and exotic dancers by Bill Ryczek

-CT vintage base ball 2019 by Mike Driemiller

-Frank Observations by M Frank

-The East-West Negro League All Star Games by Alan Cohen

-Cliff notes on last issue from Cliff Blau

Please send comments and Q’s to me at kcicitto@cox.net

Have a great day!



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