Springfield SABR Features Nowlin, Wisnia & Rip


The Rabbit Maranville (Springfield, MA) Chapter of SABR will hold its next meeting on Sept. 23.  An interesting lineup of authors will present on a diverse group of new releases.


Bill Nowlin will talk about his latest book, The Boston Red Sox Killer B’s: Baseball’s Best Outfield, which he co-authored with Jim Prime.  Bill has authored, edited and contributed to numerous books.  He co-edited both of our CT SABR book projects (Sandlock and Bagwell).  Bill is currently on the SABR Board and served six terms as a SABR Vice President.


Saul Wisnia will talk about his new book, Son of Havana, which he co-authored with Luis Tiant.  Saul was a correspondent and feature writer at the Washington Post and Boston Herald before writing (at least) 13 books, mostly about baseball, as well as writing for Sports Illustrated and other baseball publications.


Rip Pallotta will talk about his new book, One Day in Mudville. Rip details some of baseball’s most unique games including a 33 inning battle, another that saw a batter run the bases backward and  yet another that saw a 59 year old come out of retirement to play.  Rip is a banker by profession.  He is also a musician, radio d.j. and a board member at The ARC.


Where and When:


Mon. Sept. 23

7-9 pm

Bears Den – lower level campus center

Western New England University

1215 Wilbraham Rd

Springfield, MA




Jim Winston  413-584-1110  james@jameswinstonlaw.com

Steve Manioudakis  413-537-8819 stavkim@charter.net

Thank you for reading and have a super day!



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