Bill James, Rob Neyer in Provincetown May 27.

Bill James


INSIDE BASEBALL: Bill James in Conversation with Rob Neyer
Friday, May 27, 7:00 p.m. $25.  At The Barn, 25 Miller Hill Rd., Provincetown, MA.

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Bill James, whose quantitative analysis of baseball revolutionized the sport, will talk with baseball writer Rob Neyer about his life, his career, and the national pastime. James, who now serves as a senior advisor to the Boston Red Sox, began writing his annual Bill James Baseball Abstract in the 1970s. These books focused on what James later termed “sabermetrics”—the objective analysis of the game. His ideas reached a larger audience when Michael Lewis wrote about him in Moneyball, a book later made into a movie starring Brad Pitt. Neyer, a writer for FOX Sports and the author or coauthor of six books on baseball, spent fifteen years as a columnist for ESPN and has served as the baseball editor for SB Nation.

Thanks to Joanne Hulbert of the Boston Chapter for forwarding this info.


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