Pre-Loved BB Books for a Buck (or two)


Book Wallpaper

Alan has culled a number of good BB books from local book sales and added to the list of tomes available for purchase.  Most are $1.  You can email Alan at to reserve a book and arrange payment.  Payment can be made by mail or at a chapter function like the breakfast on May 14.  Or the screening of HANO! on June 18.  All funds go to the chapter treasury.  Here is the list:

SABR – CT Smoky Joe Wood Library
Author Title Price
Angell, Roger The Summer Game $1
Appel, Marty Pinstripe Empire $3
Asinof, Eliott Eight Men Out $1
Bouton, Jim Ball Four Plus Ball Five $2
Carter, Gary (w John Hough, Jr.) A Dream Season $1
Collins, Jim The Last Best League $1
Costas, Bob Fair Ball $1
Deford, frank The Entitled $1
Eig, Jonathan Luckiest Man $1
Einstein, Charles Fireside Book of Baseball – Volume 4 $2
Feller, Bob (w Bill Gilbery) Now Pitching Bob Feller $1
Fleder, Rob Sports Illustrated: Great baseball Writing $1
Ford, Whitey (w Phil Pepe) Few and Chosen $1
Ford, Whitey (w Phil Pepe) Slick $1
Garagiola, Joe Baseball is a Funny Game $1
Gewecke, Cliff Day by Day in Dodgers History $1
Gordon, Peter Diamonds are Forever $1
Halberstam, David Summer of ’49 $2
Halberstam, David October, ’64 $2
Harrelson, Bud (w Phil Pepe) Turning Two $1
Jackson, Reggie (w Mike Lupica) Reggie $1
Johnson, Davey (w Peter Golenbock) Bats $1
Kahn, Roger The Boys of Summer $2
Kahn, Roger Good Enough to Dream $1
Kearns-Goodwin, Doris Wait Till Next Year $1
Kiner, Ralph (w Joe Gergen) Kiner’s Korner $1
Luciano, Ron Remembrances of Swings Past $1
Madden, Bill Pride of October $1
McCarver, Tim (w Danny Peary) Baseball for Bran Surgeons and Other Fans $1
McCarver, Tim (w Tim Robinson) Oh, Baby, I Love It $1
Nemec, David 20th Century Baseball Chronicle $3
O’Nan and Stephen King Faithful $1
Ritter, Lawrence S. The Glory of Their Times $2
Shaughnessy, Dan Reversing the Curse $1
Smith, Ira L and H. Allen Smith Low and Inside $1
Stadler, Mike The Psychology of Baseball $1
Staudohar, Paul Baseball’s Best Short Stories $1
Thorn, John The Game for All America $1
Thorn, John Total Baseball $3
Underwood, John It’s only Me: The Ted Williams we Hardly Knew $1
Vincent, Fay The Last Commissioner $1
Ward, Geoffrey C. and Ken Burns Baseball $3
Wells, David (w Chrise Kreski) Perfect I’m Not $1
Will, George Men at Work $1
Zimmer, Don (w Bill Madden) Zim: A Baseball Life $1

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