Red Sox Jackie Bradley, Jr. and Xander Bogaerts respectively have 27 and 16 game hitting streaks heading into tonight’s game against the Rockies and Jorge De La Rosa.  They will both have to break the 20 game barrier to enter elite territory for teammates.

If you didn’t see it on SABR-L last night, Trent McCorter identified 14 concurrent hitting streaks of at least 20 games by teammates dating back to Bill Dahlen and Jimmy Ryan of the 1894 Chicago Colts.  Here is Trent’s email….

From:    Trent McCotter <treant985@GMAIL.COM>

Subject: Concurrent hitting streaks


Cliff Otto asked about the fact that the Red Sox have two players with

active long hitting streaks (Bogaerts up to 16 in a row, Bradley up to 27

in a row).


Here are the games of which I’m aware where a team had two players who each

reached or extended hitting streaks of 20+ games:


Bill Dahlen & Jimmy Ryan, CHI NL, 7/18/1894 (Ryan’s 20th, Dahlen’s 26th)

Hugh Duffy & Jimmy Bannon, BOS NL, 8/23-8/25/1894 (Bannon’s 20th-23rd,

Duffy’s 23rd-26th)

George Decker & Bill Everitt, CHI NL, 7/27/1896 (Everitt’s 20th, Decker’s


Patsy Donovan & Denny Lyons, PIT NL, 8/25-8/26/1896 (Lyon’s 20th-21st,

Donovan’s 23rd-24th)

Carson Bigbee & Charlie Grimm, PIT NL, 7/8/1921 (Grimm’s 20th, Bigbee’s


Ken Williams & George Sisler, STL AL, 8/22-8/24/1922 (Sisler’s 20th-22nd,

Williams’s 26th-28th)

Paul Waner & Clyde Barnhart, PIT NL, 6/19-6/20/1927 (Barnhart’s 20th-21st,

Waner’s 22nd-23rd)

Bing Miller & Mule Haas, PHI AL, 6/25/1929(G2) (Haas’s 20th, Miller’s 26th)

Hal Trosky & Roy Weatherly, CLE AL, 7/28/1936 (Weatherly’s 20th, Trosky’s


Hal Trosky & Odell Hale, CLE AL, 7/29(G2)-7/30/1936 (Hale’s 20th-21st,

Trosky’s 24th-25th)

Mel Almada & George McQuinn, STL AL, 8/11(G1)-8/11/1938 (G2) (McQuinn’s

20th-21st, Almada’s 28th-29th)

Joe Gordon & Buddy Hassett, NYY AL, 6/8/1942 (Hassett’s 20th, Gordon’s 25th)

Al Oliver & Richie Zisk, PIT NL, 8/28/1974 (Zisk’s 20th, Oliver’s 21st)

Mickey Rivers & Al Oliver, TEX AL, 9/8-9/9/1980 (Oliver’s 20th-21st,

Rivers’s 23rd-24th)

Dan Uggla & Freddie Freeman, ATL NL, 8/6/2011 (Freeman’s 20th, Uggla’s 27th)


You’ll see that the Indians in 1936 came very close to having three players

with active 20+ game streaks at the very same time.


Trent McCotter


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