A Surprise on the Book Trail

All 3 Shots


The first time Alan and I did an author talk (June 9, Suffield Library), we and Mike Sandlock were the sole focus for the 75 minute program.  The attendees included devoted and knowing BB fans.


Earlier this evening at our second author talk (Bloomfield Library), Alan and I had 10 minutes in total and shared the program with 6 other authors plus one absentee that the Librarian pitched.  Each author also received just 10 minutes.


It was an open mike format.  Our BB talk (we led off) was followed by one on adult fiction (deviation), dystopian science fiction parables with political themes, how to be a virtuous woman and not be alone, how God can deliver you from addiction and injury, love for the aching heart, growing up Jewish in Brooklyn, and dealing with life changing injury.


Suffice it to say that the vibe was very different between the two events.  And – there was one ironic surprise.


In order to pull more attendees in just before the program started, the Librarian walked the floor and encouraged patrons to come to the event.  And who just happened to be in the library and decided to join us?  It was none other than our own Norm Hausmann, the author of the chapter on Bulkeley Stadium, a man widely known to hang out in libraries all over CT.





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